This site is merely a reference for football helmets, past and present. It is also a good excuse to practice my Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop skills. And by the way, I'm crazy about helmets!
Football is by far my favorite sport, so a lot of the inspiration for this site comes from that. However, there are two sites that have contributed to my drive in creating this site. The Helmet Project, which is where I am getting all of the date information, as well as some helmet designs of the past, and The Sports Logo Encyclopedia, which has plenty of vectorized logos and also got me into vectored logos.
The basic 3D helmet I am using is a variation from The Sports Logo Encyclopedia. I am using the same one for all of the helmets on this site. I may do sets of helmets using older designs, like the 2-bar mask, ect. I sometimes use logos from The Sports Logo Encyclopedia that are already vectored, however, all of the logos that are on the helmets are vectored by me. If you notice, all of the logos on the helmets have a slight curve on them, to fit the 3D helmet. I use Photoshop to create the curve, then Illustrator to vectorize the curved logo.
All logos are copyrighted by their respective teams. This site is for personal and reference purposes only. I am in no way affiliated with these teams. Thanks!!